IPTV Reseller Portal

Get your own IPTV server * More than 60 Freesat channels * 14 Live Music TV* Loads of Radio * 14 Days TV Catchup

We prepare server and admin portal to mange your clients and resellers

14 Live Music TV

Heart Music Stage Music
CapitalFM Music Zeus Country
Radio Montecarlo Deluxe Music
Radio 105 Music JAZZ
Gotica Music CLASSIC HD 
Lobas Music MEZZO

42 Channels 14 days Catchup

 36 Radio Channels

BBC World Service Magic
BBC Radio 1 Jazz FM
BBC Radio 2 Heart FM
BBC Radio 3 Cool FM
BBC Radio 4 Cambridge 105 FM
BBC Radio 4 Extra Absolute Radio 60s
BBC Radio 5 Live Absolute Radio 70s
BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra Absolute Radio 80s
BBC Radio 6 Absolute Radio 90s
Capital FM Absolute Radio 00s
Classic FM Gold Oldies
Choice FM Dublin FM
Chill RTE Radio 1
Planet Rock RTE Radio 2
Bay Radio RTE Radio 2 XM
Gold RTE Gold
XFM Key 103 Manchester
Smooth Radio Caroline

and for extra charge we can offer the following HD channels

BBC1 HD     BBC2 HD     ITV HD     CH4 HD     BBC3 HD     BBC4 HD     CBBC HD     CBeebies HD



How it works

1) For IPTVReseller agents, please Download STB image here and put them in a mag250 folder in the root of your memory stick.

For BBCITV agents, please Download STB image here

2) Plug the memory stick in the back of the STB.

3) Power on the STB and hold down the menu button until you see a blue menu.

4) Then go down to upgrade tools and press OK

5) Then go to USB Bootstrap and press OK

Once loaded it will reboot and the loading screen will turn black. When the STB loads the portal it will say "Your STB is Blocked".

 Login to your portal here to enable this STB for your client, reboot it, and enjoy watching!

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